2014 – The world of mobile!

While going back to history, having a website was not that important as people looked up for businesses using phone book and advertisement on newspaper, television, radio etc. They also believed in friend’s and family’s recommendation. But when Internet started dominating and became more and more significant, most businesses could not survive without their website.

And now, only having website is not enough. Do you know why? It’s because today is the world of mobile. Mobile devices have become a staple in everyday living around the world. We are reliant on using smart phones for almost everything. With accessibility and reach, the number of mobile users has skyrocketed in recent years. Whether it’s for searching or shopping, mobiles are usually the first option people choose. It has simplified people’s lives and habits by using the latest technology available. So, it’s time to make the most of mobile devices. Mobile optimization can increase sales, generate more traffic and boost customer engagement. So get ready to go mobile.

mobile computing

Move to mobile

With the increasing use of Smartphones, people have now moved from desktop browsing to mobile browsing. They want everything on the tip of their finger, as simple as that! In fact, over half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices and rest half will surely be covered in the coming years.

Being mobile-friendly does not mean that your website can be viewed on mobile devices. A mobile-friendly site should be designed specifically for smaller screens, allowing easy navigation via larger touch-screen buttons, and displaying relevant information and content for the users’ needs.

Shoppers are more likely to buy products if your site is optimized for mobile. Three fourths of the consumer said that they are more likely to return a site in the future if their experience on mobile is good. Hence your mobile optimized site will lead to more purchases and if in case your customers do not find you on mobile then there is the high probability that they’ll seek out your competitors’ mobile friendly website.

Moving to mobile is very important in today’s context. A bad mobile experience can create bad impression about your company. 50% of the people feel annoyed and frustrated when they come across a site that is not mobile friendly. This makes them feel as if the company does not provide any quality services and create less engagement towards that company.

It’s time to take action as most of your existing and potential clients are using mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly then it’s lucid to say that your business doesn’t exist.  Simply depending upon a website that isn’t mobile friendly is a very costly mistake and it will only decelerate the growth of your business. Don’t wait until your competitors have become mobile-savvy to implement a mobile strategy into your online marketing, instead lead the way. So take a smart choice for the all Smartphone users and accelerate the maximum number of customers towards your business.