Even short periods of downtime can damage your business reputation


And longer periods can be financially disastrous – Wavehill offer you a Cloud disaster recovery plan that will underpin your business and give you continuity & piece of mind.

What to do if it all stops working… is there a plan?? Identify critical systems and the people needed to run them. In the event of downtime users are protected and can continue working remotely no matter what happens to your infrastructure or building. 

Your IT recovery procedures should always fit your business and it’s budget

How much downtime time can you afford ? If the answer is a little then you can still protect your business at a lower cost.

Wavehill’s Cloud backup for your key files and systems is an extremely affordable solution. Have the piece of mind knowing your business and data is protected no matter what the disaster. Our Cloud Backup is securely stored in the UK at our data centre.

It is vital that your organization takes the development and maintenance of a disaster recovery or business continuity plan seriously. This could happen at any time. It’s not just natural disasters but theft is a real problem also.

The contingency plan needs to be developed representing all functional areas of the organisation.

IT is at the heart of all businesses and questions need to be asked

  • How long is it acceptable to not have access to email?
  • How long is it acceptable to not have access to the accounts information
  • How long can we delay the processing of orders and delivery of product or services?
  • How long is it acceptable to not have access to shared data files?
  • Can we afford to lose a week’s worth of data, a day, an hour or nothing at all?
  • At what point will our clients look to place business with our competitors?

Wavehill will help you limit your exposure and explain the options available to you, disaster recovery can be very simple with little cost involved. As long as you have thought about your key systems and a plan is in place your business will recover. Get in touch below.