Cloud computing can be confusing

It’s powerful and essential in most businesses these days. To keep it simple it’s the delivery of your different services through the Internet, this can be email, your file access, office phone, or a database application.

A system provided and managed for you with your data by another company is public cloud services. Private cloud services is where you manage your own or rent systems/data in your own space (or we do on your behalf) that is not shared with anyone else.

Private or Public Cloud , which is right for you?

There are many parts to the Cloud, some organisations systems are totally internet (cloud) based and others use aspects of the cloud to compliment their in-house systems. Wavehill can assist you in finding the right solutions that can reduce costs, simplify management and security, improve services, improve user interaction and be flexible to grow with your business.

Microsoft Office 365 

Microsoft Hosted Exchange provides hosted email, calendar and contacts on all your devices. Access your file via SharePoint. And use 365 Apps for the Office programs you are familiar with.
Built to be always available while delivering the enterprise-grade security, scalability and reliability that your business requires.
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Virtual Desktops

Enjoy the freedom of being able to log on to your systems from any computer anywhere and don’t be concerned with the maintenance of your own server. Reduce or even do away with  expensive office space entirely.
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Cloud Backup

Automatically backup your business data offsite to a secure data centre in the UK. Wavehill provide this easy-to-use solution as a backup service at a surprisingly affordable cost.
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