This is a dedicated, private line that only carries communications and traffic from your
company, resulting in a guaranteed level of service. Perfect for the business that needs to maintain a strong connection between multiple premises.

The line can be used for data, video and voice and is most effective when sharing heavy bandwidth applications between different offices


A full fibre connection can provide your business with a high speed, reliable connection. Fibre allows you to share data and communicate with VoIP and video  conferencing with ease. The low latency connection means that any video content or data coming into and out of your premise will be of the best quality.
Ideal for the modern business who requires flexibility as well as reliability.


Don’t force your staff to rely on their home broadband network. With our data solutions you can take the functionality of the office home with you.
Video conferencing and other essential services can be taxing on a home broadband
connection, a dedicated connection supports you. Work on a device and in an environment that suits you.