When you start out there can be a lot to worry about..

Don’t let your business technology be one of them. Wavehill are experts in helping new business IT hit the ground running. Getting in bed with the right providers is key to your growth. Once committed its hard and sometimes costly to change. Get the right systems that will grow and not cost the earth. Learn and understand how it is setup, or concentrate on increasing your revenue and delivering what you specialise in and leave it to us. 

What do you need..

VOIP Phone Systems

Wavehill will help you identify what is right for your business and then manage the process from start to finish. We set up, install, implement and train. VOIP Phones are so user friendly, receive calls on a  handset, your mobile or your computer. Even integrate and dial out via MS Teams. Bundled minutes to mobiles and landlines help keeps the costs under control.

Comms and Networking

You will need networking and a reliable Internet Connection, our skilled engineers will design your network and advise the best connectivity for your budget as you start out. Leased lines or shared broadband with state of the art super fast WiFi.

Business class email

Let us take care of everything from domain registration to your email system installation. MS 365 is the world leading supplier for email. Sync your email on all your devices with ease. Starts at just £3 per mailbox, a lot of technology for such a small monthly fee.

Server and databases

Wavehill are experts in server and database consultation. From a basic need of file and print sharing to customer relationship databases, we will develop and implement a solution that is just right for you. Expect training as part of the package.

Desktop and laptops

We work on computers for as much as 40 hours a week if not more. Whether that’s a desktop or laptop we need to be comfortable and working efficiently. Not all users are the same and neither are computers and costs. We can work with you to find the most cost effective reliable computers that fit your users’ needs.


Our antivirus and firewall solutions keep you and your business protected 24/7 at a great price.

Remote Working

Looking for your new team to work remotely? Or only part of it? No problem with Office 365 or a Wavehill Virtual Desktops you can get the same experience as you would expect from being in your office.

Ongoing proactive monitoring and support

Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) is where we install an app on your device which then communicates back to us when there are issues to be looked at. We call you to fix the issue before it’s a problem. Expect our help desk to always be there when needed, we work quietly behind the scenes providing proactive IT management with a support contract tailored just for you.

Did you know?

We offer free consulting to offer you the best possible solution and value for your budget. Get in touch below.