Protect your business from a disaster

Automatically backup your servers and business data offsite to our cloud in the UK. Wavehill provide our Cloud Backup solution at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Why Cloud backup?

What happens if there is a fire, flood or someone breaks in and steals your server and the backup device? Have peace of mind and be happy in the knowledge you can get access to your data quickly and continue to run your business.

System features

  • Backup entire servers of we select the files and folders you want to store safely offsite
  • Schedule a time for the backup to run on a daily basis, your information is saved to our secure servers using your Internet connection
  • We can restore a single file/folder or all of your information quickly and at any time

Did you know?

Nineteen out of twenty firms that lose their data will go bankrupt. Don’t take a risk – for an extremely low monthly cost you can protect yourself today. Get in touch below.