Turning Ideas Into Reality

Our IT consultancy provides expert knowledge that helps to improve a business IT infrastructure, protecting or enhancing an existing network. We cover a wide range of business related IT services. Turning ideas into reality. At Wavehill we test many different systems and work with the ones that provide the most effective solutions.

Over the past 20 years of proving IT consultancy, working and supporting clients, we have perfected a number of cost-effective services to improve your IT business outlook.

Our IT Consultancy philosophy is simple, IT systems should make life easier for the user and management. Take away the manual and automate where possible. Design straight forward and informative reporting to help you interrogate data and understand your business. If you have a vision, you can trust us to figure out the need and deliver a system to take you forward.

It’s a simple equation – project time versus your budget/need/savings.

Areas where Wavehill’s IT Consultancy service can help you

Anything is possible, we like to use off the shelf programs to meet your needs and customise to your working practices. Occasionally we might need to write a program to meet a specific need or where the cost outweighs a license fee.

Every system we recommend, we use and test on our own network. Our customers can be happy in the knowledge that we don’t just provide them – we use and develop them.

Talk to our IT Consultancy team and we’ll move your ideas forward and deliver straight forward, user friendly systems.