Don’t let your old hardware slow your business down

Increase productivity with a server upgrade. If you’re spending an increasing amount of time dealing with server or PC problems then it might be time for a server upgrade or a more to cloud based working. The longer you leave your creaking server the more at risk you are of complete failure which will impact on your business with potential days of unavailability and inactivity for staff. We’ll help you decide on cloud and or on-premise. What is right for you, maybe a hybrid of both.


Choose the technology that is right for your budget

We provide multiple options for you to choose, starting with cost effective through to high end complex solutions. New installation or server upgrade, we will help you understand your requirement and match specifications. Wavehill presenting our clients with the knowledge to control spend and make the final decision. We take care to keep your users working and downtime to an absolute minimum, working out of normal office hours if you prefer.

Excellent relations with industry suppliers mean we can source brand hardware and software at the best possible prices. We listen to your needs and your budget, from a small business upgrade to your entire network.


Benefits of using the latest technology

  • New servers will enhance a businesses productivity through new features
  • Email and your Office Phone anywhere
  • Mobile & Remote working
  • Improve system recovery times
  • Increased productivity, get more from your staff with fast and up to date equipment
  • IT systems that are slow and in poor health are a source of stress for staff
  • Tightened security with the addition of the latest technology

We offer you a complete service – from the initial consultation on your server upgrade and system requirements, based on what’s available for your budget, through to delivery and after care.


Server upgrade & Installation services we offer

  • Upgrading components of your existing Server to meet demands on resources
  • Adding servers to improve performance and growth
  • Server and domain upgrades to the latest Windows Server 
  • Email migrations to the 365 Cloud from legacy systems
  • SQL database upgrades
  • Desktop hardware upgrades & software upgrades to Windows 10
  • Migration of your existing infrastructure to be fully managed in the Cloud
  • Mentoring, project management and support for your existing in-house team