Need access to your Desktop anywhere, anytime?

Cloud Virtual Desktop (sometimes known as remote desktop) is fantastic technology that will help you grow your business and manage IT overheads. A service that is purchased on a per user per month basis, provides the flexibility to up-size and downsize without the need for your own expensive onsite server hardware. Wavehill’s own hardware infrastructure is built to be expandable, secure and fast.

Do you dream of a server free office?

Do you want your applications and data to always be available?

Do you want the freedom of being able to log on to your systems from any computer, anywhere?  PC, Mac or Tablet!

Do you want to remove the headache of maintaining your own systems?

Have legacy databases and systems that can’t be moved to web based cloud access?


A Cloud Virtual Desktop could be for you

Wavehill can host your applications and data providing you with a Cloud Virtual Desktop service to work on anywhere and anytime – all you need is an internet connection.
Unlike traditional PCs, our Cloud Virtual Desktops are not tied to the physical computer. Instead, they reside in the cloud and users can access their Cloud Virtual Desktops from anywhere when needed. Your business can be set up to accommodate mobile and flexible working, significantly boosting business productivity.

Should your business not need a physical office then a Cloud Virtual Desktop solution is perfect for you as it’s designed to bring your users and applications and shared data together – without incurring the costs of expensive office space rent.


How does a cloud virtual desktop fit into today’s working practice?

The desktop of today is a combination of traditional and cloud virtual desktops. In this new model, the desktop is separated into individual layers (operating system, applications, and data), transforming these layers into resources that can be combined to meet the needs of users, wherever they choose to work and on whatever device they are using. Since virtual desktops are required to support businesses today, companies are striving for successful deployments. However, you may be struggling to understand what defines a successful deployment. Successful cloud virtual desktop solutions take into account users, desktop management, and applications; the primary factors that have a high impact on solution development. Users want a rich computing environment available anywhere they are, through a wide range of devices, without compromise.

These solutions require software, hardware, and resource time to build and maintain, all of which have associated costs. At the same time, organisations are reducing their spending, which means cloud virtual desktop is the way forward.