A Guide for SME Business Owners, what can you expect from Technology

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Whether you want cheap and cheerful or top of the line technology it’s easy to miss the point. Your IT will play a major role in the success of your business. Here are some areas to consider when asking yourself what do I need and how much time and cash should I dedicate to this side of my working life. We employ the best\cost effective people to work in our organisations, be that a mix of skills, location, remuneration and fitting in as a team player. Is your technology any different?

  • Cloud Technology. What is it, where is it, is it for me?
  • What happens if I lose my data, fire, theft, flood?
  • Which parts of my data are critical?
  • Backup, do you know how many days/weeks/months of data you have to go back to?
  • Internet, what speed do I need?
  • Access, who should be able to work remotely?
  • Remote access to just email or full system/data?
  • Phones/Tablets, do you provide or let employees use their own?
  • Hardware, how do I look to my clients?
  • Hardware, are my employees happy?
  • Website, how does my shop window reflect my ambitions?
  • Systems programming, is there a way we can improve internal processes through programing? Will I save time and money in the long run?
  • Accounts – Internal or external?
  • CRM, Client relationship management a sales and marketing database do I need one?
  • Email, what are my options? Access to shared mailboxes, calendars and public folders or just simple POP download?
  • Open Office or MS Office?
  • Security policy, how often should we change our passwords?
  • Anti-virus and Spam protection, is it effective?

Answer these question and your on your way, can they be improved, expanded or implemented, only you know that.

Wavehill IT specialises in helping to answer technology questions in a clear and easy to understand way.

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