Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus

Defend against a cybercrime and protect your business


Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus: explained

Government-backed accreditation scheme, Cyber Essentials (and Cyber Essentials Plus), helps organisations create strong cybersecurity foundations with a host of benefits.

Cyber Essentials is a self-assessment. It requires businesses to audit and assess their security processes and policies against 5 key security controls.

At the end of this process, businesses can opt to validate their results by using an external assessor.

Cyber Essentials Plus uses the exact same process as the standard Cyber Essentials accreditation, however, in addition a physical assessment of your systems is undertaken by an independent expert.

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Cyber Essentials: why do orangisations need it?

Cybercrime is on the rise, and threats are lurking behind every corner of the internet. When it comes to ransomware, malware and phishing, Cyber Essentials is an excellent base-level defence, protecting your organisation against these common threats.

Some industries require Cyber Essentials, for example, if you’re trying to bid for a government contract, or work with public bodies such as the NHS or education, it can even extend to the financial and legal sectors.

Why should business use a Cyber Essentials provider?

You need a reputable provider that you can trust, and here at Network Communications Group, our qualified consultants deliver just that. We help organisations of all sizes navigate the Cyber Essentials accreditation process and the 5 technical controls, keeping things as simple and easy as possible. We provide expert, on-hand support for the self-assessment questionnaire alongside in-depth guidance.

We know how complicated IT can be, and there’s a lot of unknowns when it comes to your network security. Without expert support, the Cyber Essentials accreditation can be a difficult, time-consuming process.

But our team have years of experience helping businesses pass their Cyber Essentials first time. Whether it’s running tests, performing an internal vulnerability scan, reviewing or workstation or handling a system configuration, we provide support from start to finish to ensure a swift and seamless certification.

Cyber Essentials: the benefits

· Be a trustworthy partner by showcasing your commitment to cybersecurity, being proactive with cyber hygiene shows your customers you take it seriously and their data is in safe hands.

· You can wear your Cyber Essentials certification like a badge of honour, displaying it on your website, helping to build reputation and new business.

· You’ll have full visibility of your company’s policies, security processes, and procedures. An internal audit flags areas of weakness or potential gaps in your cybersecurity.

· With a basic security level implemented across your organisation, you’ll be well positioned and set up with the right tools to continue building robust cyber defences.

· Cyber Essentials is a fantastic foundation, paving the way for your business to instill other compliance and industry regulations such as ISO 27001 and GDPR.

· Being accredited with Cyber Essentials could save you money or premiums on your insurance, also making the claims process against losses easier.

· Be listed on the Directory of organisations awarded Cyber Essentials.

· Organisations with a turnover under £20m that achieve basic level Cyber Essentials certification are entitled to Cyber Liability Insurance covering up to £25,000 (terms apply).

· With Cyber Essentials Plus, you’ll experience the benefits of an external evaluation, which comes highly regarded and demonstrates that your company meets a high compliance standard.

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