Not all organisations need a monthly contract

If you just need someone at the end a phone or onsite when things go wrong then Pay As You Go IT support is for you. Wavehill offer fast and effective advice and support. Prepay a set number of hours and we’ll be available when you need us.

Pay As You Go IT support generally suits companies who prefer a reactive service and will call in a crisis or where an internal IT person needs an occasional higher level interaction.

Rather than being just reactive we recommend regular checks of your technology. Scheduled checks can help you sleep at night knowing your backup is working or your server is not going to run out of space or fail. Manual server checks usually take 10-20 minutes depending on the complexity of your setup, can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Use your time for anything ICT – New installations, Hardware and Software upgrades, Help Desk IT Support, Onsite IT Support, Office moves and Website updates

Our Pay As You Go IT Support works like a mobile phone deal; you pay only for the time you use calculated in 5 minute increments.

Peace of mind when your IT goes wrong

Our IT help desk team will resolve your issue in next to no time. 95% of all calls are resolved with our remote control software giving us instant access to the issue. In the remaining number of cases where a site visit is needed, we come to you and we don’t charge travel time. Centrally based we can get to most clients in under an hour.

Why use Pay As You Go IT

      • Control your spend
      • You may feel monthly support contracts are too expensive and don’t include what you need.
      • You have basic internal IT issues covered but nice to know you can call an expert when its gets too technical or you dont have the time.
      • Discounted prepaid rate, purchase in blocks of 5 hours
      • Time logged in increments of 5 minutes

Each Pay As You Go IT client receives a time log report detailing the case number, date and time and a synopsis of the work carried out.

Perfect for keeping things simple in low-tech offices or supporting your Internal IT with high end expertise, holidays or sickness

If you find that you are using a lot of time then moving to a monthly IT support contract might be more cost effective.